Nomination Guidelines

Who can be nominated for Viktor Ambartsumian International Prize

Up to three scientists having outstanding results/achievements or major contribution in any field of astronomy/astrophysics or those fields of physics and mathematics related to Viktor Ambartsumian’s research may be nominated for Viktor Ambartsumian International Prize.

The right for nomination for Viktor Ambartsumian Prize is reserved to:

  • Nobel Prize Winners
  • Presidiums of National Academies of Sciences
  • Scientific councils of astronomical/astrophysical observatories or institutes
  • Scientific councils of corresponding departments of universities
A nomination for the application of V.A. Ambartsumian Prize is not allowed in case if his/her presented work has already won another (major) international prize or has at the same time been presented for another (major) international prize.

Necessary documents for nomination
  • Official letter of nomination signed and sealed by the corresponding body. The letter should contain one sentence wording about the nominee’s work that is being nominated. The nomination may be for definite results/achievements or overall contribution in the definite field of astronomy/astrophysics or physics/mathematics.

  • Statement of scientific results and achievements, which are being nominated (up to 2 pages).

  • Curriculum Vitae of the nominee(s)

  • List of refereed publications of the nominee(s)

  • Recommendations from three renowned scientists in the field

  • Papers, books, or any other materials related to the scientific results or achievements, which are being nominated (optional)

  • Other documents that might be important for the decision (optional)

Letters of recommendation

The nominees should arrange for three letters of recommendation, which should be directly sent from the referees to the Secretariat of the Steering Committee (e-mail attachment is accepted).

Secretariat of the Steering Committee

All documents should be sent to the Secretariat of the Steering Committee ( by e-mail attachments (PDF format is preferred), however in addition the original hardcopy of the official letter of nomination and attached 2-page statement are required to be sent to:

Secretariat of Viktor Ambartsumian International Prize,
Presidium of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences,
24, Marshal Baghramyan ave., 0019 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.

Nomination timelines

September 18, each odd year Call for nominations
April 18, each even year Deadline for nominations
July 18, each even year Deadline for decisions
September 18, each even year Award of Viktor Ambartsumian Prize