Viktor Ambartsumian Prize 2020 Winners

Prof. Alexander Szalay
(Johns Hopkins University, USA)

Prof. Isabelle Baraffe
(University of Exeter, UK)

Prof. Adam Burrows
(Department of Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University, USA)

"for his pioneering work on demonstrating that the Dark Matter in the Universe might be a neutral, weakly interacting particle and for his contributions to data-driven, statistical cosmology"

nominated by Prof. Adam Riess, Nobel Prize Winner

"for her fundamental contributions to the field of low mass stars, brown dwarfs and exoplanets, and for innovative ideas in the domains of asteroseismology and compact binaries"

nominated by University of Exeter

"for his seminal and pioneering contributions to the theories of brown dwarfs and exoplanets and for his leadership role in educating a generation of scientists at the frontiers of brown dwarf and exoplanet research"

nominated by Princeton University

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